Why Domain name Is Better than Free Sub Domain

Nowadays, with plenty of competition, it is not costly to host your site, and you may do this by paying for a cheap hosting program which range about $10 to $15 per month. In reality, web hosting firms typically run routine sales around 50 percent off or provide bargains where you could pay for a complete year all at one time, which may help bring the price of hosting down to less than $10 monthly.

Although the allure of”free” is absolutely clear, below are a few fundamental reasons why you are better off hosting your WordPress site in your web hosting accounts and remaining far from free blogging alternatives.

Whether for company or purely social functions, a huge part of building a site and blog is all about branding. Regrettably, on free programs such as Blogger.com who have millions of customers and blog articles, it is hard to stick out in the audience, even though your site has a really fantastic name.

That is because along with the title of your site you’ll have the branding of this free platform you’re using within your domain . So, rather than getting”example.com” or website could be”example.blogger.com”; or whatever the title of this free platform you’re using is.

Imagine if a significant company, such as Google.com, utilized Google.wordpress.com or google.blogger.com as their site address. This seems really amateurish, unprofessional, and economical. After all, what type of reputable company can not afford to get their very own domain name? The exact same goes for your internet business. Putting forth an expert existence requires you to get your very own branded domain .

However much effort you put into creating valuable content and creating a free website conducive, you will come to face the difficult fact that you’re mostly promoting the stage, not you personally or your own brand. This is true particularly in the event that you must compromise in your preferred address name as your initial choices are usually taken.

Another huge problem is that whenever you’re hosting your site on somebody else’s stage, they could take your website down anytime for any reason without recourse; more on this below.

On a free stage, the site isn’t actually your site in any way. You see, though your excellent content is recognized (ideally ) together with you, the inherent firm (Google, WordPress, Medium, etc.) will be the actual owners of the website. Later on, if you would like to move to a different absolutely free platform (or finally for your domain), you risk losing your visitors, since you’ve got no control over the website.

Each the work that you put into getting your website indexed from search engines so that it ranks well goes to waste since when you do choose to proceed to your domain name to a different hosting company. You will want to begin from scratch to receive your new website indexed so it really shows up in search results.

Additionally, should you choose to move your site by a free platform for your hosting accounts, in several instances there’ll be a great deal of manual labour involved. Yout can not only copy and paste your old website to some other website. Imagine in case you have tens of thousands of pages of articles, pictures, videos, etc.. You are going to need to manually transfer all over, page-by-page, image-by-image, etc..

When you have your own hosting accounts, if you change web designers, web hosting providers, or some other adjustments to your internet business you do not need to be concerned about losing your recognized Google ranks and present traffic since you maintain the site and domain . And transferring your blog to a different web host is an easy procedure.

Updated: October 2, 2019 — 10:03 am

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