You Told Us: A Ton Of You Still Use Screen Protectors On Your Phones

After opening a ticket with Verizon and waiting a week for nothing, getting a new SIMS card that could not be activated, until I switched it to another phone (not Verizon), being transferred to Samsung that provided two options: 1. Take the phone to their Samsung Authorized Service provider or 2. Get a new phone, the S21 with S20 trade for $499; Really? I've gone 3-weeks without proper cell phone service, there should be one option: 1. Samsung fixes the issues and phones that its corrupted system updates!

Warnings: Samsung will ask you CONTINUOUSLY if there is any damage to the phone. I took my phone to their authorized services' location that diagnosis is "It's weird, could be the service provider or the phone, but they could not get it online for cellular”. The authorized service provider validated that the phone does not show any visible damage. I kept it in a wateproof defender case. After picking up the phone from Samsung’s Authorized Service provider, calling Verizon to provide the diagnosis and get an update on the ticket status, being transferred, YET AGAIN, to Samsung customer service/tech who finally, after 20 minutes of being placed on hold, offers a 1x free service fix.

I was continuously WARNED if any other issues are detected, the service department would be in touch to collect the fee, and it’s in the email that provides the label for the Samsung Tech. If the phone will work on another cellular providers sims card, I don't think there would be any other issues. And, I am to mail the phone, not in its original box. What?! I don't trust that my phone would be received the same as it is today because my experiences have resulted in Samsung's credibility being zero in my book! Samsung would probably say there's a needle size crack not visible to the human eye to collect a fee.

It is my perception that Samsung practices are to not be transparent/forthcoming, not acknowledge MISTAKES, and pursued customers to buy new cell phones which makes Samsung money with no accountability! Samsung's goal is to inconvenience customers, eg. I'm nearing a month without cellular service and now told to send my phone to Texas which would be another seven to ten days without use of my cell phone, not even on Wifi. Samsung needs effective customer service training that includes transparency, honesty, humility, and business ethics.

Apparently, it's Samsung's goal is to identify fault of the customers; thereby, not owning their system update errors. The latest system updates have compromised S20 phones; Google it - August 2021 & September 2021 updates (which removed my APN)! I didn't hear it from Samsung throughout the many calls, allegedly, Samsung is working towards a system update fix to be released soon. In the meantime, I'm nearing a month without use of my cell phone unless I'm on WiFi. As Samsung reminded me MANY MANY TIMES "The phone's warranty is 12-months," and my phone was purchased 13-months ago thus I am responsible for any fees to fix the phone. This experience has resulted in miss calls from my children’s school and school transportation, family, and employment!

Not to sound paranoid, but I now question if this entire system update that compromised Samsung S20 phones was an intentional act by Samsung. Were unlocked or no warranty customers targeted? The email I received states that during repair my phone would be locked and I may need to contact the service provide for a code. Why would Samsung lock the phone to fix an issue? Why aren't all customers experiencing the same issues? I placed a SIMS card for another provider in my S20 phone and Viola. AGAIN, BEWARE or BE SMART research everything! Tomorrow, off to T-Mobile or even Straight Talk, I need my phone and TIRED of the run around! Good luck to all!

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